Maplegate House

Toolkits for Ages 14-18 years old

This kit includes:

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook - This book is the go-to workbook of understanding and learning to control anziety, panic disorders or phobias

Worry Stone- A smooth stone for the teen to rub when having feelings of anxiety and need some relaxation.  

Buddha Board-This board allows the teen to write her negative emotions, feelings and worries down and watch them disappear before her eyes. 

Journal- A notebook to write all her thoughts and feelings down to help her sort through them.

Fleece Throw- The soft hug of a blanket helps to relax, soothe and keep the teen warm.

Hand cream - Something to make the teen's hands soft with a nice scent to go along. 

Hourglass-These are useful for children who need instructions in short bursts and can also be used to help teens ground themselves by watching the sand sink to the bottom.

Sensory Fidget Ring- Roll them up and down your fingers for a fun, unique sensation.  

Smudge Kit- This kit includes everything you need for smudging including an abalone shell, sweet grass, sage, smudge feather, handmade medicine bag, medicine wheel pin and a helpful informational sheet.