Maplegate House

Toolkits for Ages 3-8 Years Old

This kit includes:

The Way I Feel - This book  helps children understand the concept of emotion.

The Way I Act- This book helps children understand how their actions my affect others.

Breathe Like a Bear-This book includes mindfulness exercises to teach children techniques for managing their bodies, breathing and emotions. 

Worry Doll- The child tells their worries and fears to the worry doll. It is put under the pillow at night.  In the morning, all the fears will have been taken away by the worry doll.  

Play Doh- Relaxation, anger release, imagination and storytelling are just four ways that play doh can be used effectively.

Liquid Timer- Relaxing and incredible visual! Great for those who are visually oriented!

Fleece Throw- The soft hug of a blanket helps to relax, soothe and keep the child warm.

Freedom Bear- This bear allows the child to write all their worries down on a special piece of paper and keep it in his heart.  When the child is ready, drop the paper into water-watch the words and the worries disappear with the paper.