Maplegate House

Board Members

PRESIDENT Susan Jenkinson Member Since 2012


VICE PRESIDENT Jennifer Carling Member Since 2015

Jennifer Carling has been on the Maplegate Board for 3 years.  She is retired from administration and quality and operational risk management. She has lived – and is living – a full life, filled with challenges that she has overcome, new starts in life, re-inventing herself, finding herself, always looking to the future. She has learned a lot along the way and is eager to learn more.

She has worked in a number of different fields in her working career, from hospital administration to law to professional services. She brings a broad perspective and sometimes healthy skepticism to anything she undertakes, but she also believes in the team approach and working actively as a member of that team.

Jennifer is a Board member at Maplegate House, sits on the St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Elliot Lake a Trustee and is Chair, Ministry and Personnel Committee at the Holy Trinity United Church also Elliot Lake.

Why she wants to be on the board:  She has walked in those shoes. She have such profound respect for anyone who has the courage to try to change their circumstances. It doesn’t matter if it takes many attempts before the individual succeeds. Finding the courage to try is what counts.

She wants to be a supportive part of that journey, even if her role is limited to governance and fundraising.


SECRETARY Valerie Ralph Member Since 2017

Valerie Ralph has been on the Maplegate Board 2.5 Years.  She works as a realtor for Oak Realty, she had been a realtor for 25 plus years.

Why she wants to be on the board: She wanted to join the Maplegate Board to be a part of something bigger than she has experience in her lifetime. Working as a Realtor one only see those that have more, want more etc, Working with Maplegate allows for the opportunity to contribute to those in need. 

Areas of Interest/Hobbies: Other than work I have very limited time, what time I do have I try and spend it with my family and friends, I really enjoy walking in fact I love it, its my most favorite thing to do it is relaxing and I can get away from problems and things that needs my attention.

Maplegate is an absolute Wonderful origination. The staff are simply amazing and we need to commend those who work there, for the absolutely awesome job they do each and every day. One which is successfully despite the very limited budget they have to make this origination work, for those in dire need. I know the general public would be shock to know what Maplegate does for this community; how hard it is to provide the kind of care that the staff at Maplegate give of themselves daily. I believe that we as a society, take places like Maplegate for granted. We have grown oblivious to seeing those without shelter, that we no longer see it. Most of us simply assume that somehow these places have money, I know I had no clue how shelters really worked, until my recent experience with the Board of Directors at Maplegate, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. I like most had no idea where the money that support places like Maplegate comes from. Guess what, it doesn’t work the way we think. The government does not give enough to cover the needs of those living in shelters, they need help and lots of it. We all need to understand that a few donated, where many more can and should.


TREASURER Susan Sorrell Member Since 2016


DIRECTOR Cathy Groh Member Since 1999

Cathy Groh has been on the Maplegate board for 20 years.  She works as a doctor at the Family Health Team in Elliot Lake and has been recognized for her contributions in the medical field.

Why she wants to be on the board: She wants to assist in providing services to women, children and the homeless.  She wants to remain current on the challenges that face women and children in the VAW sector as well as the homeless situation in Elliot Lake.

Areas of Interest/Hobbies: Cathy loves to travel and garden in her free time.


DIRECTOR Tammy Roberts Member Since 2015

Tammy Roberts has been on the Maplegate Board for 4 years.  She is a dedicated Midwife who is self employed.

Why she wants to be on the board: She has a keen interest in women’s issues, particularly autonomy.

Areas of Interest/Hobbies: Tammy enjoys making the most of all four seasons with a variety of outdoor activities.


DIRECTOR Laurie Ann Reddick Member Since 2019

Laurie Ann Reddick is new to the Maplegate Board this year.  She has worked in various fields such as Social Work, Violence against Woman and children (VAW), addictions and mental health.  She feels that fundraising is her strong suit.

Why she wants to be on the board: She strongly supports the mission and goals of Maplegate.  She has been involved with Women in Crisis in the Guelph area as well as the Waterloo Sexual Assault Centre.  Laurie Ann has a strong value of community involvement and believes in the importance of being involved in making a change.

Areas of Interest/Hobbies: Laurie Ann is interested in public education and awareness.  She loves reading, yoga and hiking.


DIRECTOR Natalie Bray Member Since 2018

Natalie Bray has been on the Maplegate board for one year.  She is a lifelong area resident with Elliot Lake being her home for the past 16 years. She has over 12 years Municipal Government experience and is currently the City Clerk for the City of Elliot Lake and actively working toward her CMO Designation.

Volunteering is a way of life for Natalie and she enjoys giving her time sitting on various boards and committees that she feels make a difference to her community. These include Maplegate, Elliot Lake Pride, Jr. A Hockey, North Shore Parents Association of Dance and others.  She has a passion for fundraising and has helped many organizations meet and surpass their fundraising goals.

Why she wants to be on the board: with a personal connection to homelessness and lgbtq youth, Natalie has developed a deep appreciation for how organizations such as Maplegate seek to improve the quality of life for others and our community

Areas of Interest: Natalie enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, cooking, watching hockey and dance.