Maplegate House

Toolkits for Children and Teens

We were so fortunate to have receive special funding to use to create toolkits for children and teens, ages 3-8, 9-13, and 14-18 years old.  These kits are designed to provide children and teens with different instruments to help them cope with their life circumstances.  We would like to continue to provide these toolkits to our youth, who stay in our shelter.  However, we do not have the funding. 

If you are able to provide any of the items for the kits or a monetary donation that can go towards purchasing any of the items, we would be so ever grateful. 

Thank you for making a difference!

Maplegate Staff heart

Check the Kits out below.  Just click on a link.

Toolkits -Ages 14-18 years old

Toolkits-Ages 9-13 years old

Toolkits-Ages 3-8 years old

Smudge Kits

Homemade Back packs