Maplegate House

Maplegate House for Women is proud to announce that the International Women’s Day Committee of East Algoma is continuing with giving away two Education Bursaries for Women at International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019.

 Amount:  2 Education Bursaries of $500 each are available this year. Entrants may only win one bursary per year. 


This education bursary is open to any woman who currently lives in East Algoma and is attending Post Secondary education on-line or by distance education or who has left the East Algoma District to go to attend a Post Secondary Education college or university. Apprenticeships that require partial school attendance also qualify.
This education bursary is open to any year or level of study for college, university, or apprenticeship.


A video of yourself providing the following information (video can be created from a cell phone):
Your name
Where your are from and are currently living
Your hobbies and passions
Answer the question: 

“How will you use this education bursary to advance the equality of girls and women?” & “Why does equality for girls and women matter to you?”

  • Video entries must be received by Feb.25, 2019. For information on how to submit your video, please contact Kim at the following email address: 
  •  A confirmation will be emailed back to you confirming that we have the video submission and the format works. Please make sure you receive a confirmation, or resubmit. 
  • Proof of current enrollment must also be attached.
  • Current contact information in an email:  Full name, address & phone number


The attendees of the 2019 East Algoma International Women’s Day Event on March 8th,  will view and vote for the winning entries.  Winners will contacted and published on the “Maplegate Houseforwomen” Face Book page and the website: